29 of My Favorite Books

It’s February 29th.  Everyone knows that date only comes around once every four years, but it’s fun to get kids thinking about it in lots of different ways. My kids and I participated in the world’s largest blogging event today at http://feb29th.net.  We added our voices to the crowd. When I went back to the site later that afternoon, I also visited the link that said “Ideas for Teachers.” This blog is a result of one of those ideas.

29 of my favorite books–(in no particular order)

Grandpa’s Mountain All kids get incensed about the government in this book, but the most powerful reading was with the kids of our Thinkquest.

Mary Wore Her Red Dress–I have so many fond memories of Kindergartners singing this one during Book Look time!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  My grandson’s first and favorite book for a long time.

The Napping House My current fifth graders know ho w important this book was to me and one of my students.

Piggie Pie NO group of kids I have ever shared this book with has  not enjoy ed it tremendously!

Zoom such a great book for seeing things differently

The Three Questions  These should guide everyone’s life.

Ghost Cadet I’ve had great trips to the new market Battlefield with several groups of kids after reading this book together.

Hurt Go Happy I’ll never think of animals the same way after reading this one.  I’ll also never see this book and not think of Abby and Blaine.

The Potato Man (and The Great Pumpkin Switch), but these go together India–your Lucky Penny story will always be in my mind as I read these.

The Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer again,it’s the memories of K kids looking for the spider and mouse

If  You Give A Mouse  A Cookie I use it to teach Algebra (If…, Then…)

The Judge–because of Deisy and Gabby

A Penny a Look -because of Carla and Jessica

Crictor–because of Sam

Tomorrow’s Alphabet -it makes kids think about mundane things differently

Strega Nona–Again, it’s those Kindergartners–Aynsley and her friends

Across The Lines love the point/counterpoint of the characters

The Report Card-helps kids understand themselves

The Narnia Series I read this in college

Bedhead and Baghead (two books, but they go together)

The DoorBell Rang-great Math Book

Counting On Frank–another great math book

The Beast in Ms. Rooney’s Room-best book ever to read to 2nd graders

Traveling Backwards an interesting theory to consider

Picture This-another that makes you look at things differently

The Invention of Hugo Cabret I love trains, what can I say?

Wonderstruck Oh, My! Wonder has a new meaning after reading this one.

and I guess I can’t leave off

Green Eggs and Ham–I’v e certainly made enough of them with kids!


How about yours?




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