“I Live Teaching As My Doing.” (Chapter 1)

I live teaching as my doing.

What a great statement.

It came from a Twitter buddy’s bio—her name is Jackie Gerstein.

I have only met Jackie Gerstein briefly at a tweet-up at NECC in DC. I know she has a doctorate in education, I know she is an educator, but I don’t know where she is or what she does daily as a job. What I do know about this lady, though, is that she is a thinker, a believer in children’s abilities to make decisions, an advocate for realistic and meaningful education, and that she shares thought-provoking tweets regularly on Twitter. Her bio there says, “I don’t do teaching for a living, I live teaching as my doing, and technology has AMPLIFIED the passion.”

I live teaching as my doing.

What a great statement.

And what I know about myself is that at ISTE2010 in Denver next year, I’ll be looking for her, because I want to have a face to go with this name I see daily on Twitter. I want to talk with her and find out more about what she does and where she works and how and why she finds and tweets the thought-provoking links she constantly puts out there. I want her to know the impact her tweets have on me and the people I share them with, and I’d like to have some face to face time to listen to her and question her and have a real conversation with her. She’s one of my twitter friends that I would count as a MUST FOLLOW. . . because she makes ME think, and what she shares resonates with me on a regular basis. As a deep thinker myself, I have connected with this lady in ways I don’t connect with folks I see everyday because of the topics she chooses to read about, think about and share.

Thanks, Jackie! I am looking forward to TALKING with you!

(By the way, I could write this post about a BUNCH of my Twitter friends. You folks simply don’t know what a lifeline you have given me!)

2 thoughts on ““I Live Teaching As My Doing.” (Chapter 1)

  1. Love Jackie’s line, too- it captures in an elegant, concise way why we chose the profession, our lifelong commitment to our work with young people, and passion- thanks for sharing your blog notes on this topic-

  2. Hi Paula,
    I first met Jackie Gerstein and was inspired by her thinking in the virtual world called Second Life where our avatars shared many conversations. At NECC 09 we just happened to be in the Second Life playground at the same time and without any introductions, we instinctively knew each other. Over the next couple days we continued our conversations face2face and her words still resonate with me. BTW… She is Jackie Rexan in Second Life and she has created a remarkable virtual exhibit called Maslow’s Hierarchical Hideaway. Link: http://educatorsecondlife.blogspot.com/2009/07/maslows-hierarchy-in-second-life.html

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