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  1. The numbers getting involved sound very encouraging … wonderful to watch the network grow! But why did they feel it was necessary to have a walled garden, rather than simply using Twitter or an equivalent tool? Why not make the conversation global, even if your intention is to predominantly explore local issues?

    Martin Jorgensen

  2. Maybe this is a safe environment for many and once they feel more comfortable, they may branch out to Twitter and Plurk. i think it is really great that more people are trying this.

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  4. As an instructional coach and a very social teacher that’s been in this county for 20 years, I’m one of those yammers that is often inviting folks from all aspects of our domain. I pick several folks from across the county every week. I have randomly and deliberately included folks from all dept and sections… A real cross-section of our ACPS learning community. A few have ignored me, but others are diving in… full force or slowly and cautiously. I think of yammer as a gateway tool to twitter! I hope so anyway. I see this as a closed, but yet engaging way of getting folks sharing across the county.Folks are sharing, asking questions and meeting each other! The closed aspect provides comfort to many… not sure why, but I have to accept where they are as all teachers must when looking at their classroom of students. I believe this is a form of differentiated PD. I think it will be fun and exciting, if we have our own “yam jam” (my version of a tweet-up) at our next all county event. There are many lurkers. I know… I speak to them on a regular basis. I’ve had folks actually ask me to post something for them. I personally don’t understand their hesitation or fear of posting… but I understand the many levels of technology integration and we must try to be patient and encouraging. I’ve experienced the glazed eyes as people look at me crazily when I refer to twitter as an awesome tool for my personal learning network. But… the folks that are using Yammer, now perk up a bit and I see a bit of understanding in their eyes. As for me… I am digging the conversations and I’m grateful that they are happening! It’s a step forward in understanding social tools for professional learning. (I suspect most of these users are also Facebook users for their personal lives as well) Thanks for blogging about your observations, Paula.

  5. Martin,
    Janelle’s comments below sort of address the concern of why a “walled garden” and yours was my initial reaction, too. However, having watched it, another Janelle statement is really appropo. . .”It’s a step forward in understanding social tools for professional learning.” It IS a step, and the fact that we do have 236 people willing to even watch is surprising to me.

    The fear Janelle describes I haven’t encountered, but then, I am in one school–she travels to several. I have, though, encountered those who not only don’t join, but block future invitations, and that I don’t get.

    I also didn’t get not making the conversation global, and still don’t. The power of that global network is unsurpassed, and it keeps us all from growing stagnant by listening to each other over and over.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions.

  6. It certainly has gotten folks sharing and talking and seemingly feeling free to ask questions. I am with you–“personally don’t understand their hesitation of fear of posting” but like you say, we are all different and we need to work with folks wherever they are. . . thus the title of this blog–conversations–wherever they happen!

    Thanks for the thoughtful response, Janelle.

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