Critical Thinking Assessment Workshop

How do we teach kids to be comfortable with risk-taking, with there being a variety of answers (and not one is THE right answer) and with there being many ways to express the response to a question. Thinking about their thinking is important. Ultimate goal of education is making connections.

Many kids would rather take a multiple choice test than answer a why question. Once you get kids moving into the direction of discussions, they want to go. . but getting them there is a multi-step process.

What are some of the parameters we need to put into place for an assessment  that is an ill-defined problem?  It’s not about powerpoint. . we want it to be tool agnostic.  What’s the break down between the tool and thinking?  Our goal is to create an assessment that uses technology–so is not based on tool, but deep thinking.

Start thinking about problem: we are going to each work to make sense of creating a problem that’s ill-defined. What does that mean? You can work with people, go blog or journal, explore the wiki, look at the books you were just given (Little Big Minds, 5 Minds for the Future, The Global Achievement Gap, Starting From Scratch)  or whatever you need to process the talk so far.

Go to questions page on the wiki for a synopisis of our current conversation.

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