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I’m relatively new to blogging. . . been doing it since August, 2008 and that’s actually when I began reading other blogs regularly, too. I don’t really “get” categories, (just like I have a hard time organizing bookmarks, tags, etc.), I don’t get the difference between posts and pages, and there are things I just don’t care about as I manage this blog.  I just figured out how to list other people’s blogs on my page (Thanks, Ira, for the push), and I recently messed around with the design and a custom heading.  I like playing with web design and used to create my own pages using html. I’m not stupid, just choosing what to figure out and what to leave out as I prioritize my life.

One of my goals this summer, though, is to improve my blog.

I discovered in the last week or so that when a blog thought hits, I should write it down. .. I have had so many ideas for blogging in that time period, (thanks to my Twitter buddies) and I have forgotten most of them. . . so I just wanted to remind myself–and others (if you care about reminders) to write your ideas down, so we can benefit by them. As @tim_hurson tweeted: The best way to improve an idea is to plant it [in] someone else’s mind.

So, feel free to share your tips and tricks about blogging with me. . . teach me something about how you think about as you blog, and help me get better at this.  My mind is ripe for planting right now, so sow those seeds! I’ll tweet the ideas and hopefully transplant your ideas elsewhere as well!

One thought on “Plant Those Ideas

  1. Hi Paula,
    I really like the changes you’ve made here. And I get what you’re saying about retaining blogging ideas. Also new to blogging, I have had the same trouble, but I have found using Evernote helps. It is an online notetaking app you can reach from anywhere, even your smartphone if you have one. One of the great things about it is you can highlight and save things you like and want to reference and Evernote automatically saves the citation info for you. It also has a wonderful screen clipping tool that uses your print screen key and allows you to select whatever size image you want and save it to your Evernote. Finally, you can even save tweets you like directly from Twitter to your account.

    As for priorities, good for you for maintaining a balance. I am not putting much time into blogging right now. Minnesota summers are too short not to spend as much of them outside as possible. You have a great time nurturing your “seeds” and I’ll be tending mine.

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